Karen is a shapeshifter. She makes no secret of this, and will openly admit it. She is also a very fine actress. Combining these two talents, she can adopt the forms of creatures that exist in Mareth, but would be too dangerous to actually have sex or massage treatments from.She allows safe fantasy while still playing the part of the relevant creature. She is a switch, so she will happily take either dominant or submissive roles, and takes a liking to those who also play both sides.

Karen works at Loppe's new spa in the safe city of Tel'Adre, so you at least know she isn't notably corrupted. The shapeshifter posts a menu outside and people can come in and order off it. There is seldom a wait, which is surprising.

No one knows where Loppe met her, and none have seen her true form ... yet.

Playlist: Begin with the Tel'Adre Deepener, then any file from the encounters below.


Succubus Course - Cock

Deciding to relax one day, you order the full package from Karen's Succubus Menu at the Tel'Adre spa.

The menu simply stated that Karen, in her Succubus form, would provide to any penis-having patron a hand job, boob job, blowjob, and finally "penetration of my organ, resulting in climactic release". The process is completely safe. Karen is not a real succubus, but is such a master of transformation that this is functionally irrelevant. She can even do things a normal succubus cannot.

This file comes after the Tel'Adre Induction and involves the listener, bound and worked over to climax. For those with cocks only. Make sure you've listened to the Spa Intro at least once in the past, so you know what's up and have a good mental picture of the locale. Check out the sample, which is very detailed.

- 43 minutes

Note: Karen is an original creation and was not in the game, don't go looking. In fact the whole Spa in Tel'Adre is original content.