Sand Witch Coven

Home to the most powerful magical forces in the Desert, outside of the hidden city. Lactation, magic, brainwashing.


The Cum Witches are a fertility cult. Both womanly fertility and the fertility of the land itself. After corruption scorched what used to be verdant and living, the desert was formed. They are determined to revive it with the milk of life, and don't care how many generations they have to breed and enhance with their magical manipulations in order to make it so. This coven induction can be placed before any of the encounters on the following pages, to create a coherent story of exploration, submission, transformation, desire.

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To come later:

*The initiate Sand Witches, women from surrounding villages brought in and imbued with magic centered around highly sensitive, lactating breasts, and multiple vaginas.

*The Queen, who rules over the coven and whose word is absolute law. Her magical and transformative powers are great.

*The order of Cum Witches, women given magically enhanced penises full of virile semen used to impregnate the initiates. Their partners birth only women, who are born with the witch magic and traits that have to be learned by the others.

*The Milk Servants, minds addled by pleasure and habituated to serving the coven, they have become something more, or something less, than ordinary people.

*The sphinx outside, who only sometimes challenges travelers, and seldom hurts anyone. She rewards the clever.


The vast desert in Mareth used to be lush and green. The coming of Corruption led to its desolation. The Sand Witches want to change that. Living in caves beneath the desert, they work within a rigid hierarchy and have constant recruiting efforts, seeking to nourish the sands with pure milk and their own magic. The order includes quite a number of heavily transformed or modified individuals, whose bodies are built for pleasure and mystical potential. Sneaking inside is not without its risks, but the rewards are tantalizingly great.