Minotaur Potion

  • Minotaur potions transform the imbiber into a form closer to that of the brutes who roam the mountain.
  • Primal, muscular, often with a large mind-altering phallus between their legs.
  • Symbols of powerful sensual lust.
  • Those effected by these potions often have difficulty orgasming without assistance.
  • The true ingredients are best left undisclosed.


The Minotaur Potion intro is forthcoming.

Dose - Minotaur Cock

  • A Minotaur Potion can have numerous effects.
  • Like the creature it is derived from, most effects of the potion are arousing and primal.
  • A minotaur phallus secretes arousing pheromones, and these can effect even the "bearer" of the appendage.
  • Minotaur penises also have difficulty achieving orgasm without assistance.
  • The semen from this throbbing and large organ is stimulating and arousing.
  • Exposure to said semen could form a habit of stimulating masturbation.
  • Focus on listener's own genitals is encouraged.
  • Slight themes of submission to one's own shaft and dripping sexual fluids.

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