• Powerful, muscular, all with constantly aroused penises.
  • Minotaurs dwell on mountain paths and in cool caves throughout the range.
  • Cowgirls from the plains are often drawn up here by the arousing pheromonal scent of these massive men.
  • Minotaurs often have hoofed feet but humanlike faces - sometimes with bull horns, sometimes with just cow ears.
  • Their semen is addictive and arousing to both touch and smell.
  • They cannot orgasm without assistance from a partner, and so are always pent up.

Minotaur Encounter

  • The surprised Champion comes face to face with a minotaur's unique attributes.
  • Minotaur semen is quite habit forming and arousing.
  • Minotaurs cannot achieve orgasm without considerable assistance.
  • Their huge cocks and powerful muscles can be quite alluring to those who don't mind enthusiastic treatment.
  • If you have sex toys nearby, play along with the fun parts.
  • Rough, arousing, pleasurable, memorable.

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  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. - recommend Mountain Induction.

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