A powerful Salamander Girl - a lizard-humanoid hybrid with a fiery temper and control over heat. Her long prehensile tail is a tapered and sensitize erogenous zone. Flaming red hair falls down her muscled back, and her body is on almost full display. Her meager panties and bra cover almost none of her E-Cup breasts and ever-slick wanton pussy. Crimson scales cover her forearms and lower legs. They are soft and she has complete dexterous control of both her claws and the sword she wields.

Often given in to a berserker frenzy, Helia is known to fight - and then fuck - any strong person she encounters. Of course if one surrenders either to their lust or to her battle strength, she will have her way with them in a pleasurably mutual encounter. Victory comes with greater rewards - access to her warm mouth, phenomenal backdoor, dripping pussy, and outstanding breasts. Her manual sex skills, even with powerfully muscled claw-bearing and scaled hands, are not to be trifled with.

Brash, companionable, and very much a fan of intimacy between rivals, friends, and chance partners - Helia has her own unpretentious charm.


Recognition and Victory

This file continues from Helia's appearance in the Tel'Adre Spa, where she was only a guest. Here you encounter her on her home turf, but she remembers you. This path assumes you have met Helia before, in at least one other file. She sees your request to not attack you as a sign of surrender. Taking control of the situation, the Salamander evokes your mutual pleasure using her long tail - working it in and out of your ass rapidly until climax is assured. Her muscled body, tender affection for anyone she takes to bed, and raw brute strength combine to make a fuck you won't soon forget as your ass is filled and trained by her powerful thrusts using the faux-cock of her prehensile tail pushed between her legs. Of course, the horny heated Salamander-girl can't resist getting wet and hot and getting off alongside you.

- 17:38 Duration, 18MB
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  1. Any Induction but consider the Plains Induction
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