The Forest

A forest very near to home - dark and deep and the dwelling place of many ancient things. Humid jungle in one place, cool coniferous forest in another. Kitsune, forest deities, the handmaidens of the bee queen, the fertile goblins, and tentacle monsters alike congregate here. Everything is infused with lust and empowered by sexual desire, just like the rest of Mareth.


This is the forest induction. You can use any induction for forest files but try this one at least once since it sets out the scene and some of the conditions in the forest.

- 5 minutes



Curvaceous goblins with lusty minds, imps yearning for every perversion, tentacle beasts, beautiful fox-women deep in the woods, and much more. The bee-women who are handmaidens to the Queen are uncorrupted and benign, for example. The forest is home to a great many sentient creatures and little danger. Perfect place to start out.