Demonic Factory

Designed to corrupt the land itself, this factory is full of transformed sexual entities, succubi, and mind controlling devices. Most people who stay here actually remain by choice. Or, they think they do.


Home to succubi, incubi, powerful imps, and a number of transformed humanoid subjects. The factory is half in this world and half in another. Larger on the inside, home to devices found nowhere else. Be wary of all offers, all deals, all people inside. You may not walk out again, and if you do you will not be the same. All of the files inside this factory go well with many different inductions. The Story and Journey induction works well, though.
- 8 minutes - 7MB



A succubus in a secretary outfit, an incubus engineer, an army of modified human factory slaves being milked for their sexual fluids, a machine injecting pure pleasure into the unwary. Everything about this place is perversely seductive. Be careful.