Hot and Wet

  • Experiment in rapid deepening and affixation, bit different from its counterpart.
  • Use a long induction before it, for preference.
  • Heat as metaphor: we talk about horny people being "in heat", about being hot and bothered.
  • Hot days outside turn into hot internal thoughts, an arousal which activates and runs wild through your system.
  • Once activated, it remains until you get somewhere cool, such as an air conditioned structure...
  • Then the heat leaves, but takes your inhibitions with it.
  • Then a cold flame of arousal remains - forcing your masturbation onward efficiently and continuously until startling climactic release.
  • Heat to cold, one type of arousal into another that is more mechanistic and all consuming.
  • This version is for listeners with clitoris and vagina and places emphasis on the imminent physicality: body doing the controlling.
  • Mechanistic metaphor here slightly more programming based.

- File Length: 9:00 - 10MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file