Dark Night - Fill Her

  • Fera was Mareth's goddess of the predatory hunt. Beautiful and possessive, she is tied in to the land's fertility as surely as any of its other deities. She was sealed away for siding with the demonic influence that fills the land, seeing them as superior sexually liberated hunters, and being fairly corrupted herself.
  • On rare nights, she can push some part of herself through a gateway between dimensions -and a sufficiently productive cock is capable of letting her come the rest of the way through. Her protrusions into this dimension are powerful, sexually pleasing, and possessed of aphrodisiac qualities transmitted by mere proximity.
  • This night, she is visiting your camp - well, if you can handle it. Beware, she may leave marks behind.
  • For all lovers of pumpkin spice.
  • For listeners with penises.

  • - File Length: 45 Minutes

    Playlist order:

    1. Any Induction (?)
    2. This file