Shivering and Hard

  • The seasonal chill becomes synonymous with restraint from arousal.
  • Heat, the process of warming your body when you come into the heat, becomes linked to horny desire.
  • When chilly air leaves your body, restraint from arousal goes with it, turning the now-warm listener on.
  • Aroused, craving pleasure, losing oneself in it when safe after returning from the chill.
  • For listeners with penises.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe a bit turned on after shovelling the walk out in the cold.

- File Length: 22:24 - 20.5MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any induction
  2. This file
  3. Optionally any awakener at the end of the playlist.

Chills to Thrills

  • Seasonal piece for Halloween.
  • Simple trigger - when you feel chills or the sense of being watched.
  • We all get creeped out sometimes, why not tie it to arousal?
  • File encourages maybe watching a scary movie or visiting a haunted house.
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 20:36 - 18.8MB

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  • A file for those who want to open up their triggers and training to their partners.
  • Loopable, so go ahead and put it on repeat if you want.
  • Stresses how safely language in files is for your protection.
  • But of course your partner knows your situation and likes and dislikes better than me.
  • So if your partner uses a trigger or hypnotic instruction, treat it the same as if it were being said in a file from this site.
  • Good for literal-minded people who want to share triggers with their partners.

- File Length: 11:30 - 10.6MB

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Get Hard

  • For listeners with penises.
  • Lengthy induction implying amnesia as to file contents.
  • "Get Hard" trigger tied to erection and arousal.
  • Ends with brief instructions to awaken, then several uses of the aforementioned trigger phrase
  • Encouragement to return included..
  • Lingering effects? Maybe morning wood.
  • Sound of snapping fingers used for emphasis throughout and alongside trigger.
  • Backer only.

- File Length: 20:36 - 18.8MB

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