Self Control - Breasts

A continuation of the concepts from Udder Surrender. This file is for those who have listened to lots of breast and lactation centric content.

The idea is that, as your fetishes of lactation and milky, sensitive breasts overtake your normal reasoning, it can become increasingly difficult to get things done. So instead, what if your fantasy and fetish of sensitive lactating breasts, turned into a milky, full feeling in your chest. Then, you could simply milk yourself periodically, taking those transformed thoughts and letting them leak out in orgasmic pleasure. As a result your head will be clearer in the everyday, allowing you to compartmentalize when you give in to your milky, sensitive breasts.

In essence, you exert control over yourself by letting part of yourself (your breasts), have free reign. A tempting idea. Enjoy this file alongside work like Got Milk, Udder Surrender, and The Farm.

- File Length: 30 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Tap Tap Tap

A simple and calming trigger implantation piece. The trigger of gently tapping two fingers behind one's ear becomes a reminder of the reassuring explanation about intrusive thoughts, social stress, and informative vs. uninformative pain. This file was created for someone who suffered chronic niggling pain that was often not indicative of any actual need or injury, just of recurring old pain. The file makes the distinction between useful informative pain and the uninformative kind, and reminds the listener they can always carry their memories of this file, and my reassuring voice, around with them. Hope you like it. Free, so everyone can enjoy.

Playlist order:
  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Lightside Latex Succubus Re-Done

This is it, the beginning of a journey into edging, ruining, latex addiction, and supportive mental succubi. This is an improved version of the Lightside Latex Succubus. You listen to this file first, then you can listen to the various advanced lessons and darkside files interchangably, once these seeds are planted This version has been changed so you can use it after the Latex Bath Induction Advanced. It begins with you waking from darkness and ends with the Night Night trigger. There is a lot of new material and phrasing improvement.

A symbiotic succubus dwells in the listener, two sides - light and dark, supportive and sexual. Existing in balance, empowering the listener and then driving them onward into edging, ruined orgasm, rubber addiction, a general latex fetish in fact. Mild amnesia elements, desire to return, guided masturbation, light teasing. The Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced file relies on the concepts established in this file. Post-file suggestion of arousal and return is included. This file is loopable and interchangeable with the 2 Advanced Latex Succubus files, and the Advanced Lightside file. You can sandwich any number of them between the Advanced Induction and your awakener of choice.

This file incorporates the idea of a helpful latex succubus rewarding the listener with orgasms for achieved tasks while training them in tandem with the dark succubus.

The original version of this file can be found in the Dual Latex Succubus pack which also includes the exclusive refresher and the original Latex Succubus Deepener.

- File Length: 42 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Latex Bath Induction
  2. This file
  3. The Latex Awakener, Lightside File, or any other file

Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced

This file is a "test" of the things established in the Lightside Latex Succubus file. It serves as reinforcement for that file's message, and also provides a fun loopable piece of latex succubus material to go with the many files found in the Dual Latex Succubus Pack. A supportive and sexy latex themed mental helpmeet to tease from your mind and work in tandem with the Darkside Latex Succubus to give your symbiotic mental fetishes new life. This is the advanced expansion on the basic concept and fits in with the constellation of other Latex Succubus files. Wearing rubber during your listen is encouraged by all of the files in this set.

This is an expansion on the existing Lightside Succubus File from the Dual Latex Succubus Pack. The idea is this succubus is a supportive mental presence, which helps to more efficiently tackle things on your to-do list and to endure the weary complications of a world that is often hectic. The whole theme is tied up in wearing rubber whenever able, including to bed and under your clothes when safe to do so. Any amount of rubber is enough, and for the latex fetishists among you there is a very good Latex Bath Induction made to go with this file.

This file is loopable with the Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced file, or with itself - it ends with the night night trigger, just like the induction does. Use it with the Latex Succubus Deepener if you like. This file is the self-help and support side, the Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced is more erotically focused.

This file is also available in the Latex Succubus Complete Advanced Pack - along with exclusive re-recorded versions of the various Latex Succubus files, a special deepener, and the re-done version of Bondage Triggers.

- File Length: 23:42 - 36.5MB

Playlist order:

  1. Latex Bath Induction Advanced
  2. These files


To make sure you achieve everything on your agenda. In this piece the listener is encouraged/rewarded for keeping a running list of outstanding tasks and working away at them. Have lined paper and pen nearby for when you're done. Interacts positively with the Brain Drain file. Good luck with your goals!

The listener is rendered blank via the Be Blank trigger from Brain Drain. The best induction for this file is probably Listen, Focus, Unfocus. The subject is then walked through some very indirect suggestions, as they follow the story of a girl wandering through a soothing garden, then subjected to an experience similar to that in Empty Torment. The subject will still understand what is going on otherwise. Firstly, after this file, the listener will consider any item added to a simple written checklist as a command which nags at them and hypnotically rewards them for completion. Orders given by me will be even more potent.

Required supplies: lined paper, red pen, blue or black pen.

- File Length: 31 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file


A simple piece to hopefully help you sleep, or at least wind down before doing so.

In my opinion this file goes best with the Fractionation Induction, and that was used in the original version, but you can choose what you like. It is a progressive relaxation, considering the use of the word "sleep" in hypnosis, but also in the subconscious - our associations and the value sleep plays to the mind. The regenerative quality and benefits of a good sleep are stressed, along with specific instructions for the literal-minded to get themselves comfortable, remove their headphones, and sleep until they know they are fully rested.

- File Length: 12 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file


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