Canine Peppers - Rut

  • Another Canine Pepper add-on.
  • Eaten too many, consumed by an animalistic rut.
  • Slight canine-feature transformation theme.
  • Arousal, general instinctive need and enjoyment.
  • For listeners with penises.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe a desire to have fun with a partner after, or a need to climax by your own devices.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 16:15 - 14.8MB

Playlist order: The 4 minute intro from the Pepper Pack -> Optional: any other Canine Pepper files from that pack -> this file

Seductive Shower

  • Treat your daily shower time as an opportunity to trance out.
  • A time closer to a more authentic self.
  • Aroused, craving pleasure, losing oneself in it.
  • For all listeners.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe more interesting shower time.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 28:44 - 26.3MB

Playlist order: Any induction -> this file -> optionally any awakener at the end of the playlist.

Backstage Magic

  • Sequel to Stage Magic - the magician invites the listener to her dressing room for a lesson.
  • Builds on themes from the the previous file.
  • Lucid dream themes.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 20:02 - 18MB

Playlist: Any induction, then this file. Or you can place this file right after Stage Magic on your playlist.

Click the title for more information.

Boundary of Dream

  • Piece intended for right before sleeping.
  • New perspective on sleep and dream.
  • Some elements recognizable to those who liked the Dragon Shifter files.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 30:08 - 27.5MB

Playlist order: Any induction, then this file. Meant for just before you go to sleep.

Click the title for more information.


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