Spa Day - Two More Rooms

This is an add-on for Spa Day. The hallway in Spa Day has five rooms. The first three are non-sexual relaxation and de-stress mechanisms. The last 2 are sexual and arousing.

This file walks the listener through the events that pick up right at the end of the first Spa Day, and culminates in a compulsion to pleasure themselves until climax and perhaps beyond.
Some people want more than just mental change. Yet, the regimen to make change - pumping your nipples, pumping the entire breast with a vacuum pump carefully each day, applying a milker, massaging the breasts and moisturizing to induce softness - can be difficult to adhere to. Maybe you need a reminder. Maybe you need some help.

A dominant reminder which works alongside the content from Got Milk, and encourages practices aimed at softer bigger boobs.

- File Length: 15 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. The original Spa Day
  2. This file

Subby Puppy

Before beginning to listen, choose any item of neckwear and hold it in your hand. This can be a necklace, an actual collar, a scarf, anything at all. This will be your "collar" for purposes of this file and will serve as an anchor for the changes described in future. Ideally your future visualizations can be of the furry body described herein.

While the listener is relaxing in trance, a mistress happens along who notices their unfocused, drowsy trancey form. Taking this opportunity to shape the listener's thinking, the form they awake in is that of a submissive, strong puppy. Pointed ears, luxurious fur, tail and paws. The mistress teaches the subject about their new role, and trains some basic obedience thoughts into them, associating them with the trigger of wearing your collar. This file will be compatible with the CoC canine pepper files when they come out, but is also great alone. This file and its future sequel include themes of exercise, eating well, holding your mistress in your strong arms, and so forth. Enjoy!

A sequel exists, incorporating more behavioural sides to go with the physical elements described in this piece.

- File Length: 30 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Spa Day

This is a vastly improved remake of one of the oldest files. Of all of the remakes I have done of old poor quality or short files, this one is the most changed from the original - none of it really uses the same wording, the sound is totally different, and the tone is relaxed and slow.

This is a relaxation piece. Use it with any induction and let yourself be walked through a relaxation process which will hopefully become familiar and helpful. The file ends in a general, open-ended way which allows you to put any file you want after it, including its erotic add-on.

If you do try the add-on, just put it on your playlist right after this file so you can go directly into it. First the induction, then this file, then Spa Day - Two More Rooms, then your awakener or other file of choice. This file is 22 minutes long and ends with the Night Night trigger, for those who enjoy that kind of thing.

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Tap Tap Tap

A simple and calming trigger implantation piece. The trigger of gently tapping two fingers behind one's ear becomes a reminder of the reassuring explanation about intrusive thoughts, social stress, and informative vs. uninformative pain. This file was created for someone who suffered chronic niggling pain that was often not indicative of any actual need or injury, just of recurring old pain. The file makes the distinction between useful informative pain and the uninformative kind, and reminds the listener they can always carry their memories of this file, and my reassuring voice, around with them. Hope you like it. Free, so everyone can enjoy.

Playlist order:
  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Chained Desires

The idea is simple. When people get into BDSM relationships of dominance and submission, sometimes the submissive party is so "in the moment" that they lose their ability to say much of anything. This altered state of consciousness can make safe words less useful. On the other hand, if we externalize and articulate a vision of the subconscious mind's fetishes, that can solve the problem.

A variant of the simple "traffic light" safety idea - you visualize all the fetishes in your mind as boxes. One might be green, meaning it can be easily and freely opened by your dominant and used. One might be yellow, meaning you're unsure, either you haven't done it or haven't done it enough or just want care to be exercised - this box is chained up, and requires one "key" - either you asking for it or them trying it. Then when you're trying it the box may become green or red depending on your opinion.

Red boxes need two keys, both of you agreeing, and if what's being done is hypnotic and some particular box comes up "red", you will stop right there anyway.

Furthermore since these visions are happening in your subconscious it might be easier to simply say "anal sex is a yellow box", "nipple play is green" and so on. Maybe the words will leak out as you moan, using "green" to mean "keep going please!" and so on. Good for people working with dominant partners - and you won't be worried about denying your partner since you're simply telling the truth, describing how you feel about a given play or idea. Whether aloud or written, you'll convey it, maybe just typing "oral service green" without thinking, or just "Green, green" moaning out of you as you cum, an enthusiastic encouragement.

In fact, providing knowledge of your favorite fetishes is like handing chains to your partner which can be used to bind, restrain, and train you - and that's just what you want, isn't it?

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

The Spa

This is a complete relaxation file. An induction is followed by a soothing trip to a mental spa encompassing expanded versions of the normal processes you use to unwind at the end of the day. This complete file includes both induction and awakener.

At the end of the day, you naturally unwind. This file incorporates the Update Induction to help the listener under, then goes through a trip to a luxurious mental spa, adding a triggered response to aid calmness in stressful situations, ideally. Enjoy and relax. This is a Complete file, it needs no induction or awakener. This file is part of the Newbie Pack.


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