Sensory Feminization

Feminization via one's senses. The sight of feminine beauty, the sound of a feminine voice, the scent of perfume or merely the proximity of a woman, the feel of clothing you associate with your ideal of femininity - all of these charge up a resting set of feminine commands and suggestions. The perception of one's own form alters the more exposure to these stimuli occurs, and since this is a desire you already had, all that is really happening is a connecting bridge between your subconscious desire for feminine form and thoughts, and the conscious observations of these things. A mantra is included which is loopable. The file is 18 minutes long, the loop is 10 minutes long. The loop is free and contains the same subject matter, you can check it out by clicking the Sample button below.

Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File -> Then Any Awakener

- File Length: 28 Minutes

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Feel Feminine

A feminization trigger file. The trigger "feel feminine" reminds you of the experiences within. Comes with a mantra file for listening to while you do other things.

A file emphasizing confidence, a lack of stigma or slurs throughout - feminization in a confident, cooperative, nurturing way. The theme of taking ideas and fantasies and desires you already have and enhancing or empowering them in order to make a better more comfortable picture of feminine desire in you. No specific elements of body or dress, mental and insidious instead. Comes with my script notes from when I was making it.

- File Length: 20 Minutes and 10 Minute Mantra

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file


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