Chaste Servitude

A triggered chastity file for couples, made for chastity subjects with penises. The entire file includes elements of subordinating your pleasure to that of your lover, kneeling and serving, and otherwise deriving pleasure from your lover's observation of your pleasure. Enjoy these simple rules for fun chastity scenes.

"Belt On" - Only stimulation from your partner will cause any sensation between your legs, and your own desire to touch there will be interrupted by a gentle sinking into trance until the desire passes. Arousal still happens, of course.

"Belt Off" - Not just a deactivation of the previous one, but also a reminder of all the arousal you've been unable to act on, flooding back, and that your lover obviously wants you to show off for them as you cum.

"My Pink Dildo" - When your lover requests this, your cock is sensationless but rigid, there for them to use with no hope of orgasm, if you did cum you would simply ruin the orgasm on purpose by clenching your muscles and ceasing thrusting, to remind you to stay hard for use until your lover is done manipulating or riding you.

"Kneel and Serve" - If your lover is facing you, kneel and serve between their legs with your mouth. If your lover is facing away, kneel and serve their ass. The entire experience while feeling blank, trancey, servile, and reveling in every spark of pleasure you know they are feeling.

This file is loopable and has neither induction nor awakener, it goes well with Triggered Chastity Belt.

Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 40 Minutes

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