Cuckold Partner Mantra

A file that goes with the Cuckold Fantasy, a simple looping mantra for women to listen to that goes with Unlock Yourself and Self Control - Pussy.

Just listen and loop and enjoy.

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Unlock Yourself

This file is a free add-on for Self Control - Pussy

For those who enjoy the Cuckolding Fantasy file, this is for someone who listens to Self Control - Pussy, and wishes their pussy to seek only lovers other than their usual partner. Good for those into cuckolding play, just put this on the playlist after the aforementioned file. You can also listen to it on its own, but it was made to be used with that other file. Still, it is free so enjoy!

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Chaste Cuckold Fantasy

This is a file for someone who wants to intensify their fantasy of their partner having sex with other men. Assumes a woman for a partner, assumes a man for the listener. Incorporates a detailed visualization fantasy and a desire to seek out partners for her.

Elements of self-imposed chastity/inability to satisfy one's partner and thus the necessity of using others to feed her insatiable lust, are included. Great for couples where your partner has been listening to Self Control - Pussy. Just a fantasy at first, but designed to grow beyond the confines of merely fantasy.

The experience should be somewhat memorable, good file for couples into this kind of play. My first attempt at writing this theme, feedback appreciated.

- File Length: 30 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Triggered Chastity Belt

This file includes many useful triggers for a couple participating in orgasm control play. Many of these triggers are shared with the Chaste Service trigger file and the two files can be looped or used interchangeably.

Belt On - The trained listener feels unable to stimulate themselves, but stimulation from their partner will still get through.

Belt Off - The listener notices that they can now stimulate themselves, and furthermore notes all of the pent up arousal from when the belt was on has come flooding back.

My Throbbing Cock - the listener's partner requests "My throbbing cock", emphasizing that the listener's rigid shaft belongs to their lover, and is for their use - unable to cum until ordered, only able to edge and be constantly hard.

This file is loopable and has neither induction nor awakener.

Playlist order:

  1. Optional: Any Induction (?)
  2. This file, or just loop it on its own.

Chaste Servitude

A triggered chastity file for couples, made for chastity subjects with penises. The entire file includes elements of subordinating your pleasure to that of your lover, kneeling and serving, and otherwise deriving pleasure from your lover's observation of your pleasure. Enjoy these simple rules for fun chastity scenes.

"Belt On" - Only stimulation from your partner will cause any sensation between your legs, and your own desire to touch there will be interrupted by a gentle sinking into trance until the desire passes. Arousal still happens, of course.

"Belt Off" - Not just a deactivation of the previous one, but also a reminder of all the arousal you've been unable to act on, flooding back, and that your lover obviously wants you to show off for them as you cum.

"My Pink Dildo" - When your lover requests this, your cock is sensationless but rigid, there for them to use with no hope of orgasm, if you did cum you would simply ruin the orgasm on purpose by clenching your muscles and ceasing thrusting, to remind you to stay hard for use until your lover is done manipulating or riding you.

"Kneel and Serve" - If your lover is facing you, kneel and serve between their legs with your mouth. If your lover is facing away, kneel and serve their ass. The entire experience while feeling blank, trancey, servile, and reveling in every spark of pleasure you know they are feeling.

This file is loopable and has neither induction nor awakener, it goes well with Triggered Chastity Belt.

- File Length: 40 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Chained Desires

The idea is simple. When people get into BDSM relationships of dominance and submission, sometimes the submissive party is so "in the moment" that they lose their ability to say much of anything. This altered state of consciousness can make safe words less useful. On the other hand, if we externalize and articulate a vision of the subconscious mind's fetishes, that can solve the problem.

A variant of the simple "traffic light" safety idea - you visualize all the fetishes in your mind as boxes. One might be green, meaning it can be easily and freely opened by your dominant and used. One might be yellow, meaning you're unsure, either you haven't done it or haven't done it enough or just want care to be exercised - this box is chained up, and requires one "key" - either you asking for it or them trying it. Then when you're trying it the box may become green or red depending on your opinion.

Red boxes need two keys, both of you agreeing, and if what's being done is hypnotic and some particular box comes up "red", you will stop right there anyway.

Furthermore since these visions are happening in your subconscious it might be easier to simply say "anal sex is a yellow box", "nipple play is green" and so on. Maybe the words will leak out as you moan, using "green" to mean "keep going please!" and so on. Good for people working with dominant partners - and you won't be worried about denying your partner since you're simply telling the truth, describing how you feel about a given play or idea. Whether aloud or written, you'll convey it, maybe just typing "oral service green" without thinking, or just "Green, green" moaning out of you as you cum, an enthusiastic encouragement.

In fact, providing knowledge of your favorite fetishes is like handing chains to your partner which can be used to bind, restrain, and train you - and that's just what you want, isn't it?

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file


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