Corruption of Champions

Marie - Milk By Moonlight

  • The cat sneaks onto Lakeside Farm.
  • A very long relaxing session with sexy voyeurism and a pinned orgasmic encounter at the hands of a cowgirl from the farm.
  • Mischievous, sensitive, lithe, horny, deciding to hide out in one of the storage structures.
  • Turns out this is where the beautiful women who live on the farm take their baths.
  • The least senior of those women discovers the listener "peeping" on the bath.
  • Her breasts and frame are small, but her strength is no joke
  • When she notices the cat is paying more attention to the huge breasted women still in the bath, punishment is sure to follow.
  • Lingering effects? Bit of arousal, a sense of peaceful sweet exhaustion maybe.

- File Length: 43:32 - 45MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

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Your enjoyment of these files will be enhanced by listening to the cat morph introduction at least once.

Succubus Course - Leather

  • The listener, relaxing at the Tel'Adre spa, asks its resident shapeshifter for a special treatment.
  • For listeners with penises.
  • Leather fetish theme.
  • Succubus form partner uses long arousing eye-based fixation, pheremones, bondage.
  • Orgasm delay, very detailed.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps enjoying leather a little more, aesthetically.

- File Length: 31:00 - 26MB

Playlist order:

  1. Spa Intro
  2. This file

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Canine Peppers - Run Free

  • Spicy peppers with transformative properties.
  • Listener gives in to temptation and eats quite a few
  • Full transformation implied, listen to the other part transformatives when able
  • Mental effects follow.
  • Relaxing run under the moon when the transformation is done.
  • Doggy instincts, desires. One of the "bad end" files, but really quite soothing.

- 35:20 - 33 MB
Playlist Order:

  1. Pepper Pack Intro
  2. This file

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Elven Unwrapping - Vagina Version

  • Sensual holiday encounter with a willing and submissive companion.
  • Guess you've been nice this year, a mysterious visitor comes with a present.
  • Short elven woman with curvy hips and small breasts.
  • Asked to decide between a mystery box, or her, the choice is obvious.
  • This is the version for listeners who have a vagina. There is a penis-centric version too.
  • Gender neutral on pronouns. Difference between the two files is only where the elf focuses on pleasuring the listener.
  • Ends with a possible opening for sequels.
  • Free public file. Like it? Consider the Patreon.
  • The notes I wrote when recording the file are included.

Playlist Order: Any Induction -> This File

- 36:36 - 33 MB


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