Corruption of Champions

Canine Peppers - Rut

  • Another Canine Pepper add-on.
  • Eaten too many, consumed by an animalistic rut.
  • Slight canine-feature transformation theme.
  • Arousal, general instinctive need and enjoyment.
  • For listeners with penises.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe a desire to have fun with a partner after, or a need to climax by your own devices.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 16:15 - 14.8MB

Playlist order: The 4 minute intro from the Pepper Pack -> Optional: any other Canine Pepper files from that pack -> this file

Frog - Oral Dose

  • Free public file. The first file at the Spa involving the Frog morph.
  • Curvaceous and laid back frog-woman from the distant swamps visiting Tel'Adre.
  • Latches skilled mouth and tongue on to listener.
  • Applies mind-expanding frog venom.
  • Cuddling and relaxation, open-ended.

Playlist Order: Tel'Adre Induction -> This File

- 30:00 - 34 MB

All files involving the Frog Morph can always be found on her spa page.

Canine Peppers

  • Spicy peppers with transformative properties.
  • Grown on the Lakeside Farm
  • Dog ears, tail, paws, muzzle, fur, transformative..
  • Eat too many and mental effects will follow..
  • Present from Whitney for helping out on the Farm. Rude not to try at least one.
  • Files are modular - start with the Pack of Peppers file on your playlist.
  • Then put any files you want to try, one, or all of them.
  • Files are open ended and loopable.

Pepper Pack contains various files, 4 minute intro, 2+ minute component files.
- 15 MB
Playlist Order:

  1. Pepper Pack Intro (included)
  2. Any number of other component files from this pack

Cat On The Farm Series


This is part of the Cat In Trouble series.

These files are about a mischievous figure - with cat ears, tail, and attitude - visiting the Lakeside Farm and meeting some of its cowgirls.

The characters in these files are not taken from the game, but are my own creations. You may be familiar with them from the Cowgirl Wrangling series.

Aurora - The eldest cowgirl on the farm. Blonde, heavily tanned, with nipples fully five inches long and huge areolae, incredibly sensitive. She is laid back and lustful, inclined to a nap and a necking session over work and milking. But she is also the biggest milk producer and most physically adept of them. She might be amenable to a lazy day or an indecent proposition.

Tara - Generous curves and a cute brown pixie cut, massive breasts with short inverted nipples. Pink skin inclined to flush, brown ears the same color as her hair, and a playful attitude in general. She is earnest and easygoing, but honest to a fault. She is embarrassed easily.

Prior to listening to any of these files, make sure you have listened to the Catboy In Trouble Primer at least once.

You can also click here to view a list of links to all of the cat in trouble encounters.


This cute redhead used to work on the farm until an occupational incident cemented her cowgirl transformation. She is hard-working and very strong, but her breasts are small for cowgirls- barely a d-cup so far, and this puts her at the bottom of the cowgirl pecking order. She still produces plenty of milk though, and isn't against bending the rules to have some fun.

Milk By Moonlight - The first file in this series. The listener, in the role of our horny protagonist, finds himself able to infiltrate the Lakeside Farm and observe the beautiful women with cow ears, tails, and massive breasts - in their natural habitat. Hiding in a loft above the bathhouse on the farm, he hopes to go undiscovered as he satiates his lusts. But how long can he hope to go undiscovered, and what will happen when he is found?

Long and very detailed, the farm description from this file will lead into future files in the series which take place here. No induction needed, there is a long descriptive portion at the beginning and you will have listened to the Primer at least once. This file centers on the cute redhead, Marie.

- File Length:49 Minutes


Also known as Nicki - She used to live in the forest, some variety of elf or pixie originally. Pointed ears, raven hair, perfect skin. She took a liking to cowgirl transformatives, and as a result ended up with large milky breasts. She has four small nipples to each areola instead of one big one, and a serious, almost aloof attitude. She is not inclined to clown around and is embarassed by her real name.

Shivers - With winter approaching, Nicki takes the listener into the woods to pick uncorrupted plants that can be grown on the farm before the frost claims them. There is something a little different about her, and the cat has been inattentive to this. That might be a costly mistake - once more he ends up pinned and subjected to the wiles of a confident woman, with verdant assistance.

- File Length: 34 Minutes - 31.6MB

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Lake Induction

This is the Lake induction. It serves as the induction for all the files in the Corruption of Champions Lake area. There is a reminder about this on each file's descriptions, but you only need to download this induction once and use it at the start of a playlist featuring Lake files.

Of course you can instead use the induction of your choice, but this one sets a nice scene and gives an initial tour.

- 7 minutes - 7MB

Desert Coven

The Cum Witches are a fertility cult. Both womanly fertility and the fertility of the land itself. After corruption scorched what used to be verdant and living, the desert was formed. They are determined to revive it with the milk of life, and don't care how many generations they have to breed and enhance with their magical manipulations in order to make it so. This coven induction can be placed before any of the encounters on the Coven pages, to create a coherent story of exploration, submission, transformation, desire.
- 9 minutes - 8.55MB

Catboy In Trouble Primer

  • An intro, explaining the character for the Catboy In Trouble series.
  • Mischievous, sensitive, lithe, horny.
  • Various environments and sexual situations arise for the listener.
  • The other Cat Boy In Trouble files expand on this character and are self contained.
  • You only need to listen to this once, just to lay the basic explanation.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe a good understanding of the fun files to follow.

- File Length: 19:21 - 18MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Related Corruption of Champions Files

Dark Night - Fill Her

  • Fera was Mareth's goddess of the predatory hunt. Beautiful and possessive, she is tied in to the land's fertility as surely as any of its other deities. She was sealed away for siding with the demonic influence that fills the land, seeing them as superior sexually liberated hunters, and being fairly corrupted herself.
  • On rare nights, she can push some part of herself through a gateway between dimensions -and a sufficiently productive cock is capable of letting her come the rest of the way through. Her protrusions into this dimension are powerful, sexually pleasing, and possessed of aphrodisiac qualities transmitted by mere proximity.
  • This night, she is visiting your camp - well, if you can handle it. Beware, she may leave marks behind.
  • For all lovers of pumpkin spice.
  • For listeners with penises.

  • - File Length: 45 Minutes

    Playlist order:

    1. Any Induction (?)
    2. This file

    Trance In The Bar

      Walking in the bar on a lazy afternoon, you find that the place is fairly well populated. Spotting a woman at a table who appears to be nodding off, you decide to have a little fun and harmlessly trance her. Not knowing exactly where the idea came from, you sit down and strike up a conversation. The resulting antics do not go entirely in favour of the listener, considering who they just attempted to "work their magic" on. Slight embarassment, slight amnesia suggestion, all in good fun. Light humiliation.

    Playlist order:

    1. Any Induction (?) but consider the Tel'Adre induction.
    2. This file

    Serpent's Gaze

      The Nagas of the desert move almost hypnotically through the sand, but this one takes out the "almost". During a routine walk among the sands, a Naga, with two cocks and a dripping pussy, pulls the unwary into a union of lust and pleasure, and then a relaxing communion of mind and body. Nagas have trouble communicating with words due to their long tongues, but she tries her best, and in the pleasurable joining of bodies she manages to communicate comfort well enough. The snake women of the dunes are rare sights, and what could be driving them out of their underground lairs? Find out in further files in the series.

    - File Length: 22:16 - 20.3MB

    Playlist order:

    1. Any Induction (?)
    2. This file


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