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Climax and Relaxation

  • Maybe you already find being tranced arousing, or maybe it is easier to get turned on while drifty and deep.
  • Blankness is orgasm, orgasm leads to blankness.
  • Listener relaxes and then experiences that same relaxation as trance, whenever arousal arises.
  • Lingering effects? A trance anchor so being turned on makes you relax, and relaxing makes you a bit turned on. Climax is blissfully blank.

- File Length: 26:36 - 24.2MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Captivating Breasts

  • For listeners with breasts- any self breast massage becomes a compulsive blank experience.
  • Any time a breast massage is initiated while in a safe place, the listener's breasts are absolutely captivating.
  • Ensnared by a powerful urge to massage and squeeze one's own breasts, whenever one is somewhere safe.
  • Lingering effects? When you are somewhere safe and private and begin to rub your breasts, you might not be stopping for a while.

- File Length: 26:13 - 23.9MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Aspect - Doe 2: Emblem

  • Select an object to serve as your emblem - a trigger anchoring you to the doe aspect. Pick something you can wear .
  • Builds on the theme from the original "doe aspect" - same principles but moreso.
  • Submission, relaxation, sensitive body, relaxed and docile mind.
  • This is more of the same concepts from Doe Token in the original Aspect - Doe pack. It's just repetition with stronger language.
  • Great for when playing with a partner you trust. Make sure to check out the original first. Pick something different from your Token to be your Emblem.
  • Safety instructions - only in this mindset when around safe people or in private comfort..
  • Lingering effects? Mindset of the doe when wearing your designated emblem - utter submission, grace, serenity, relaxation..

- File Length: 23:39 - 21.6MB

Playlist order:

  1. Aspect Induction (included in the original Aspect - Doe pack)
  2. This file
  3. Aspect Awakener (included in the original Aspect - Doe pack)

Fading Fire

  • Forgetting that you have pleasured yourself, and so you might do it again and again until the time you remember when it will be unusually powerful .
  • Amnesia theme mixed with masturbation trigger.
  • Might feel like you only edged even though in reality you have already orgasmed, so you take longer to reach a second plateau which is also more intense.
  • The act of forgetting orgasms becomes a game in its own right, and you win when the last orgasm of a session is particularly powerful.
  • For all listeners.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe longer more enjoyable masturbation..

- File Length: 30:33 - 27.9MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file
  3. Any Awakener (?)


  • A simple reminder to drink more water -so few of us get enough - and a talk about the benefits of doing so.
  • Tie taking in fluids to specific routine activities.
  • Might get more water into your system if the process were a bit more interesting and tied to your desire for meditative relaxation.
  • Drink water before meals, when you first rise up from listening to files like these, and every time you have a caffeinated beverage.
  • Focus on the pleasure of having improved oneself toward an attainable but often neglected goal.
  • For all listeners.
  • Non-erotic.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe a bit more hydrated. Getting enough water is tough, but the knock on benefits are huge.

- File Length: 24:19 - 22.2MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file
  3. Any Awakener (?)

Latex Tentacles 2

  • A sequel to the original Latex Tentacles.
  • Focuses on the tentacles exploring the upper body as well, same general themes..
  • When safe and comfortable, implications that the fantasy is so striking, so alluring, it will return.
  • This one ends with no awakener, simply an instruction to let the fantasy play itself out over your form, and enjoy yourself..
  • For all listeners.
  • Lingering effects? If the images in question are tempting and interesting to you, then when things are safe and private, you might turn your mind to them again.

- File Length: 30:02 - 27.4MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Vampire Fantasy - Part 2

  • An Inn in a quaint and misty town.
  • More of the story behind the old room and its vampiric visitor.
  • A necessary shared shower.
  • A date to meet again sometime.
  • Relaxation, arousal.
  • A story-driven and relaxing experience for all listeners.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe some arousal come the end.
  • Continued from Part 1. Story continued in Part 3

- File Length: 30:00 - 27.4MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Canine Peppers - Instinct

  • Another Canine Pepper add-on. Longer than the others.
  • Eaten too many, inspiring canine-morph instincts.
  • Enjoying being called "good" or told you did well at tasks for people you respect.
  • Panting when relaxing and pleased, tongue hanging out.
  • Tail wagging when pleased or excited.
  • For all listeners.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe a desire to have fun with a partner after, submission when you show your belly to people.
  • Backer Only.

- File Length: 21:15 - 19.4MB

Playlist order: The 4 minute intro from the Pepper Pack -> Optional: any other Canine Pepper files from that pack -> this file

Anthro Donkey Transformation Training

  • Anthro donkey transformation theme - ears, tail, change in walking, fur, overall humanoid.
  • Long duration, training in general transformation themes, not just this one.
  • For all listeners.
  • General elements of submission, the idea of returning to the form when appropriate.
  • Best preceded by the Transformation Induction.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe the occasional braying sound.
  • Submission theme aimed at enhancing other transformation files as well.
  • Lingering duration after finish - chain to other files if you want a very long playlist with these submission themes in the middle.
  • Backer only.

- File Length: 45:03 - 41.2MB

Playlist order: Any induction - recommend Transformation Induction -> this file -> optionally any awakener at the end of the playlist.

Stage Magic

  • On stage during a stunning magician's performance..
  • She demonstrates a few simple tricks as an introductive.
  • Telekinetic stimulation themes, ending in permission to cum and an open-ended conclusion.
  • Long deepener portion at the start.
  • Backstage sequel coming.
  • Backer only.

- File Length: 31:20 - 28.6MB

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