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Latex Loop Mantra

A simple looping mantra reminding the listener of their latex succubus training and that it has entered them and is always with them. A simple short loop, it encourages a surrender to the inevitability of training and conditioning.

Play the mantra as you do other things, as a reminder, as you fall asleep, whenever - enjoy.

Current Projects

These are in some rough and ready order

Write Connect and Exercise - custom
Write Gift of Massage - custom
Write Gift of Massage Mantra
Write Forging a Connection file for dominant - custom
Write Full Moon Feminization
Record Feminine Succubus Seed 3 (already written)
Record Full Moon Feminization
Record Connect and Exercise
Record Gift of Massage
Record Gift of Massage Mantra
Record Forging a Connection
Put together pack for couples/dominants centered around the Connected files
Finish writing Succubus Harem
Record some Succubus Harem files
Finish writing Drink Me
Finish writing Goo Girl Orgy Hourglass Expansion
Record a podcast
Record a welcome file
Write a recommendation
Make the CoC catalog, including an intro describing what is going on
Streamline CoC area induction/deepeners
Tag files and series and triggers, sort them to their own pages
Publish the first few chapters of Bell Book and Candle in the story section, finish writing it

Tagging and Series Pages

So I decided I should make it easier to look at related files and navigate. This is why tagging has become much more robust. People asked for this and I'm going to be working hard to deliver it as I winnow down the custom files.

I just posted the Latex Mind Awakener which is part of the Latex Succubus Series - this category contains nothing but the files from the Latex Succubus. Similar series categories will pop up for the Farm files, Stud files, and so on. I won't be doing this with CoC since I plan to do a slightly different categorization for those which will be narrower and easy to navigate.

The Series page will be linked from the top menu.

Soon I will put up a Triggers page describing triggers used and linking to all files which use them, and a Recommendations page where I will post various recommended files so they don't get lost in the content, along with suggestions for combos.

This is all happening relatively slowly because I am focusing on file releases. You'll see more of those throughout the day while I finish off the customs and make a plan.

A Stories page will go up soon containing links to my free stories as I begin to write. Might make a separate blog for that.


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