Succubus Harem - Summoning Circle

This file follows on from Succubus Harem - Mental Mansion file.

Succubi arrive in your mind and get integrated into the harem, their identities branded with the symbol of the summoning circle at the heart of the mental mansion. The place you store those succubi, concepts and ideas linked to common fetishes and desires, cannot be seen while you're awake. But the courtyard of that manor, with its summoning symbol, is different. A place where they will arrive and be integrated, greeted, explore the manor. Also when you want to externalize a succubus, imagine calling her to the courtyard and then open your eyes, feel her flesh on yours, and so on.

This file is compatible with the arousal succubus, latex succubus, and feminine succubus files and is part of a free succubus harem series for those who want to integrate multiple succubi or invent file regimens for their own. This file should also flow well with succubus themed files from other artists.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> (Optional: Any Deepener such as the one in the Common Concepts pack) -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- 21 Minutes

Erica - Lesson 1 and 2

This is part of a series of feminization files. The theme is that the listener is implanted with a succubus who feeds on stereotypically masculine energy, conditioning the subject toward femininity as a way of securing its "food" source. Original body parts/mindset aren't much mentioned, though there is a suggestion of the succubus popping up in other feminization files or in situations outside the file itself. Mild continued feminization conditioning, and suggestions of feminine form/clothing are included. Enjoy!

This is an intense feminization pack. A 1 hour long erotic feminization file and a 20 minute addon to supplement the training, both of which work well with the Feminine Succubus Seed files, and has a lot of the same ideas of an internal feminine identity coming out irresistibly. Works alongside the Feminine Succubus Seed construct to build on it.

The listener is conditioned to regard a feminine form and the name "Erica" as normal and enticing. Site loyalty, feminization fetishism, arousal, and submission, are all stressed. This file builds well on the basics from the Feminine Succubus Seed series, and if you like it you can proceed down the Erica lesson series to augment it when more come out in future.

- Erica Lesson 1 Sample
- Erica Lesson 2 Sample

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Succubus Harem - Mental Mansion

There are many Succubus files on this site, the concept being a manifestation of fantasy and fetish which teases and torments in accordance with pre-existing triggers and dispositions. A kind of mental narrative fed by your fantasizing about it. The Arousal Succubus, Latex Succubus, and Feminization Succubus are all different for example, and operate differently. And many people will listen to more than one, and then find it difficult to keep all of the inclinations and ideas straight.

This file lays out a mental space, including rooms for each succubus, and is part of a network of files which will provide a framework for the addition of new fantasies to that mental locale, new succubi being created and "playing with" the listener. For now it is good for anyone who listens to more than one set of Succubus files. Goes well with irresistible as the induction.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> (Optional: Any Deepener such as the one in the Common Concepts pack) -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- 16 Minutes

Full Moon Feminization

A feminizing presence descends over the listener during the full moon, drawn from their own mind. While they can delay said transformation, this will empower her the next time. Includes elements of sultry seduction and arousal whenever the light of the full moon is overhead. Extensive visualization and deepener portion. Works well with Irresistible, just let your subconscious mind know you trust it to open the door and let that feminine presence out.
Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 37 Minutes

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