Catboy In Trouble Primer

  • An intro, explaining the character for the Catboy In Trouble series.
  • Mischievous, sensitive, lithe, horny.
  • Various environments and sexual situations arise for the listener.
  • The other Cat Boy In Trouble files expand on this character and are self contained.
  • You only need to listen to this once, just to lay the basic explanation.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe a good understanding of the fun files to follow.

- File Length: 19:21 - 18MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

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Catboy In Trouble sample

On the Tumblr I posted a sample of Catboy In Trouble. This is the first half of the file. There is an induction describing the character (agile, not wanting to work, a bit of a scoundrel, diminuitive form) - which is about 7 minutes long.

I will be posting this file sometime in the next few days. I took a very descriptive tack with the first bit of the file and then it gets exciting once the listener gets inside.

Backer Sneak Peeks and Status

Just a reminder that anyone who pledges to The Patreon will get access to a google document where I write my scripts and plan out files. This is in addition to other rewards, if any, for the relevant pledge level. For example this document currently contains the full script of Cum Witch and Dragon Shifter 1, waiting for me to record them when things cool down. Soon I will have written Catboy In Trouble into it. Those who backed in June have been watching me write it in real time. I also have poll questions in there which I've been collecting answers to.

If I work on a file and I've not posted it yet, I will post it in that document for people to look at/listen to - I might include better samples of premium files, or just put the next month's backer files in there directly as they come out. For example Seductive Succubi is on there right now.

Outstanding files to be written in rough order, unless something else comes up, or I've forgotten one:

New Lake Induction
Catboy In Trouble - Failed Farm Infiltration
Fetish Cultist - Lustful Lakeside Liason
Donkey Transformation
A Walk - relaxation file
A Drink - end-of-workday-specific relaxation file
Cum Witch - Return Visit
Frog Girl
Aneros Anal Masturbation File
Canine Peppers
Cum Witch - Glamourous Hideaway
Lakeside Goo Girl Expansion Orgy
Dragon Shifter 2

Lots of people requesting CoC writing lately, and I'm happy to oblige of course. The result of the poll so far is that people want to see more Ceraph, Loppe, Amily, and Marble at about equal levels.

The result of another poll question is many people want more couples, general BDSM, confidence, and relaxation files.

About the document, my day to day work schedule is accounted for in there. I might post it here sometimes, but I always update it there now. An example is below the cut.

Click Here to view an example of schedules posted this week, from the sneak peek document.

Succubus Harem Series

These files work with the Latex Succubus, Arousal Succubus, and Feminine Succubus series. Basically any mental succubus files. This series helps to organize them into a coherent set of thoughts and fantasies and adds the framework to describe different succubi or come up with your own. Good for those who want to listen to multiple succubus sets and have a bridge between them or want to address something not discussed in the other succubus files. Includes some erotic fantasy and transformation material in the later files.

Externalizations of thought, mental companions, transformative, horny, always supportive, never jealous - your fantasies set loose as you relax and stimulate beautiful feminine forms which stimulate back. That is what these files discuss.

There are 9 files in this series. 7 Free, 1 Reward, 1 Backer-Only. Click Here to view the entire series.

Succubus Harem - Seductive Succubi

This file works with the other Succubus Harem files. This file is the sexual equivalent to Support Structure - discussing the general baseline habits of mental companions when it comes to their sexual interest in the listener. Drawn from one's own fantasies and fetishes, succubi anticipate and brush their hands across their "host", emerging from the summoning circle in the mental mansion which has served as metaphor for the subconscious mind.
Any Induction -> This File

File Length: 35 Minutes. This is a Reward file available as a reward to backers of the Patreon campaign which keeps the site running.

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I sent out a sneak-preview google doc invite to everyone who funded in June. I'll be using this as the place I work on scripts, post completed scripts, post links to files I have not yet posted on the site or samples of same, and I will use it to hold surveys of what people would like to see.


This is a pre-sleep file which uses a discussion of masturbating as part of one's nightly routine before sleep as its core theme. The feeling of relaxing enough the movements become automatic and incontrovertible and slowly ease the muscles into restful inevitable sleep which may continue even once you've stopped listening and been instructed to turn off the recording yet keep going with self-stimulation that turns into relaxation.

General topics of sleep habits and the value of consistency surrounding sleep are also addressed. This file needs no awakener at the end, naturally.

- File Length: 27:59 - 26MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file
  3. Ideally, then you sleep.

Images - Feminization

This file is part of the Images series - the use of vivid detailed descriptive fantasy to present transformative themes.

In this case - the theme is one of transformation toward having a pussy and large sensitive breasts, features we code as feminine, and away from having a cock.

This file is appropriate for listening right before bed, since it ends in instructions oriented around that, including invitation to climax and remaining in the achieved form until sunrise. Likewise, amnesia-related language is included early on in the file. This file ends with instructions, so an awakener is unnecessary to complete the experience.

The Images Induction -> This File

File Length: 27 Minutes. This is a Reward file available as a reward to backers of the Patreon campaign which keeps the site running.

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Those who support the site on Patreon may choose one Reward file to receive for every $10 pledged.

Images Series

This is a long combination induction and deepener for a new series of files. Images are powerful and we all have them in our heads, informing imagination and fantasy. Whether from internal fantasy or sexy pictures you've seen, these images have some pull, some internal tug. By expanding relaxing imagery, one might relax more. By expanding arousing imagery - that is describing it in exacting detail so it takes on weight and substance for the listening - we might arouse. By describing transformative imagery - a new viewpoint, a new way of thinking, a persuasive argument for change - we might effect that change.

This is a transformation-themed series and you should place this induction before any of the "Images" body files on your playlist.

- File Length: 15 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any Images Series body file.

Pussy Worship

A file for those who want to worship their partner's pussy more intently. Best for those who have a specific partner in mind before beginning to listen. Incorporates elements of kneeling worship, ritual service to one's partner, and general supportive submission.
Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 20 Minutes

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