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Good News - Patreon Change, Live Session Chronicles, Podcast

Patreon unveiled a new feature. I can now charge up front. What this means is if you pledge to Patreon, you can claim your rewards immediately by messaging or emailing me. Your card will be charged right away and therefore I can safely send you any reward you want.

This also means people can no longer pledge and then dash, so I am safer just posting content to the patron-only area of my campaign, as well as everywhere else.

Starting on June 1st, I will be sending out backer folder links and reward files to anyone who requests them by message or email, any time after they pledge. I will also message everyone who pledged in the previous month, on the first of each month, to remind them they can claim such things.

I did a session with a pet the other day, and they allowed me to record my side of the moment. It has poorer quality because I wasn't very careful about positioning, and got rather excited. I'm going to try and improve its sound quality, but one way or another I will release it soon. It is only my voice, not my pet's, so you can insert yourself in the other side of the session, and experience what I do when I talk at people live.

This week's podcast has been slowed down by a number of life incidents which are now settled. I will be recording it at some point today. The topic will be fractionation, as a theme, and contain numerous examples. I'll also talk about future plans and maybe share some of my written fiction I'm not yet ready to publish.

As always you can keep up with me:

On twitter
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I'm going to be posting on reddit more, and firm up my Youtube so it has more of my old content posted for people.

In keeping with requests, I am considering posting some of my very oldest content as free files for people to enjoy. I am embarassed about its poor quality of writing AND sound, but I'll consider it for ones testers tell me don't sound too bad.


Obsession can actually be a good thing. Ends with simple breast obsession piece. Installs obsession trigger for future series. Uses Brain Drain and Night Night triggers.

Click here for full details.

File Duration: 20:05 - 18MB

Marble's Milk Pet

Arousing canine mindset and suckling at Marble's huge milky chest.

Click here for full details.

File Length: 30:30 - 27.9MB

Related Corruption of Champions Files


Voice fetishization deepener in the same vein as Siren's Voice.

Click here for full details.

File Duration: 10:52 - 9MB

Lover's Caress Induction

  • An induction for couples to use together when listening to the same file.
  • Lay next to each other and hold hands.
  • Concept of lover's slow entrancement serves as anchor for the listener.
  • Very tender, incorporates countdown induction and finger snaps.
  • Great for use with couples files.

- File Length: 11:38 - 10.6MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Triggered Cowgirl Transformation

  • Large-breasted milky submissive cowgirl transformation.
  • Detailed transformation piece about leaving own body behind in favor of another.
  • This file goes best with the Relaxing Sands induction, which was made for it.
  • File mentions a leather collar with a bell attached, so wear it if you have one.
  • Does not reference original body state, so gender neutral as to start.
  • Final described form features breasts and dripping pussy.
  • Lingering Effects? Triggered return to this state when your trigger is heard, based on cowgirl name chosen during file. Pick yours now. I like "Mirabelle".

File Duration: 30:07 - 23MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Comfortably Dressed

  • A massage and a session of stimulation.
  • Then the listener is invited to slip stockings onto her legs.
  • Slow, assisted masturbation follows, bringing about a complete climax.
  • Assumes vagina and breasts.
  • Wear something appropriately sexy, like a corset, for the full effect.
  • Includes elements of dressing sexy/being comfortable in one's body as pleasure descends on the relaxed mind.

File Duration: 40:04 - 36MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Forging a Connection

  • File for the dominant partner in a relationship.
  • One partner listens to Connected, the other to this file.
  • Encourages embracing your dominant behaviour. It is what your partner wants.

File Duration: 11:00 - 9MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

On Submission

  • The final file in the Submissive Pet Lesson Set.
  • References the listener wearing a collar.
  • Uses the triggers from Good Pet and Sleep For Me, previous files in this set.
  • Amnesia suggestions. Made to work well with Listen and Learn, the previous deepener in this lesson set.
  • Discusses the societal habit of shaming people for submitting.
  • Reminds that there is nothing wrong with being a submissive pet, and it is a good thing to have some people who are.
  • Reminder of previous content, reinforcement, briefly exalts and compliments the listener's listening habits.
  • This is part of the Submissive Pet Lesson Set and is made to be listened to by someone who has heard the previous lessons.
  • The files all interlock and use related concepts.

- File Length: 16:08 - 14.7MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file
  3. Any body file

Submissive Pet Lesson Set - Lesson 5


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