Updates and Schedule

Just posted Teacher and Student here. Of course it has been available for a few days over at the Patreon.

I will both post another new file later today

Also, if you haven't already, check out my Moonlit Hypnosis project which drops its first file pack tonight. This is a collaborative project with another hypnotist, and is all about furry hypnosis and story based mind control. A lot more emphasis on pdfs and erotic stories alongside voice work. There is free work too, as always.

Take care of yourselves. Podcast later this week.

Upcoming files:

Monday 14th - Hypnotic Space - a looong submissive deep training piece about making a proper place to go into trance, collecting fetish objects, submitting to me. When you run your hands over a collar, a piece of latex, an object symbolizing any of your fetishes, you slip deeper. Good hypnotic vibrations and a space with proper mesmerizing feng shui.

Friday 18th - Podcast about satisfaction, Anal domination piece with aneros theme

Monday 21st - "Nodding Off" - a great induction for fantasy files. Nod off in one world, awake in another. Dominant and with substance/aphrodisiac themes.

Friday 25th - Feminine Succubus Seed: Mirabelle,

Monday 28th - Couples files: Guidance and Wrapped Up (Training to be more submissive, training to be more dominant)