Shifting Confusion

  • This is a confusion induction delivered in alternation between my most rapidfire clip and a slower cadence.
  • Confusion themes include multiple inductions, fractured countdowns, and metaphor visualization.
  • Works well with Special Touch, which I made at the same time.
  • Great for those who like the idea of a deluge of trance washing away ordinary thoughts.
  • Teasing and dominant throughout.
  • Very long for an induction, so if you need more time to chill before the main body file action, try this.
  • Due to its confusion approach, also good for those who prefer to be somewhat disoriented before the fun.
  • Lastly, the elements of trance alluded to in this piece can actually be informative, so consider them - even for a waking listen.
  • The buffer/computer/mental processing descriptions are similar to Maintenance.

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- File Length: 25:53 - 24.6MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. (Optional: any deepener)
  3. Any body file