Each entry below links to a series of files. CoC series are not linked because they appear on the appropriate character or regional pages. A series is a set of files made to be used together - either their concepts or characters are the same, or they have good synergy. Many of these series have their own inductions or deepeners recommended on the series category page. Make sure to check them out.

Feminine Succubus Seed

A succubus taking up residence in the listener's mind and feeding on their stereotypically masculine thoughts, leaving only the feminine. Throughout the series are elements of feminine transformation, clothing, and mannerisms. Also includes doing one's nails and lipstick, and dangling earrings as affectations - since I enjoy these. The first several files are just the seeds, basic feminization concepts. These branch out into "Blooms", specific personalities with their own descriptions and additions to the core material. From there the series branches into "petals" which include specific fetishes, triggers, or habits.

For example one might listen to Feminine succubus Seed 1-4, and then have the groundwork to move on to Feminine Succubus Bloom: Erica 1 and 2, and from there to Feminine Succubus Petal - Bondage, or Feminine Succubus Petal - Latex.

The files are transformation themed but do not mention the listener's original body, and some of the "blooms" will be described asexually or with cocks, so variety will be present. Check it Out.

Latex Succubus

A mental succubus pair - dark side, and light side. Expressed via a latex fetish, this interlocking series of files includes both encouragement and sensual elements. Arousal and pleasure, two sides of a completely happy host.

Elements of amnesia, intense latex fetishism, and detailed succubus fantasy fill this series which has its own inductions, deepeners, and awakeners. Check It Out.

Dragon Shifter Series

This is a series of files similar to the Latex, Feminine, and Arousal Succubus series of files - the idea of an externalization of fantasy, fetish and desire, with self-help elements. Except when the listener is asked to visualize a mental companion during the fantasy, it is a gorgeous woman with the capacity to shift forms from fully humanoid to a form with draconic wings, tail, and piercing yellow eyes. Fun and detailed files, quite lengthy sessions overall. Works well with the other mind companion themed files.Check It Out.

Succubus Harem

These files work with the Latex Succubus, Arousal Succubus, and Feminine Succubus series. Basically any mental succubus file - helps to organize them into a coherent set of thoughts and fantasies and adds the framework to describe different succubi. Good for those who want to listen to multiple succubus sets and have a bridge between them or want to address something not discussed in the other succubus files. Includes some erotic fantasy and transformation material in the later files. Check It Out.


These files use firm well-described imagery in a transformation context. There is a simple visualization induction for the series and then image-themed transformation files which can be placed after said induction in your playlist to create the full experience. Check It Out.