Relaxation Tutorial - A Day At The Beach

This is actually 5 complete hypnosis files, intended to introduce beginners and advanced listeners alike to some of my favorite visualizations. If you are new, this is a good starting point. If you've been here for a while this is a good refresher. A relaxing non-erotic walk down on to the beach. Indeed the first four files are a bit arousing but nothing explicit. The fifth is very slightly lewd and nothing more, and is purely optional, you could just make a playlist of the first four.

The contents are numbered for your convenience, make a playlist in your favorite media player and enjoy a soothing walk by the seashore and a spa massage courtesy of the right words in the right place. This is a kind of relaxation tutorial. This is about an hour of content, so set aside the time. All of the components can be mixed into playlists with my other files, as well - so pick the ones you like.

It is summer. Carry the beach with you. Fruit juice running down your throat, searching hands massaging your back, a hot bath in a cooler room before rejoining the salt spray of the shore...

Welcome to one of my happier memories.

- File Length: 5 files, various lengths, about one hour total - 59MB

Playlist Order: They're already numbered for your convenience!