Hands Free Orgasm Hypnosis
A hands free orgasm file using an incremental approach, incorporating induction deepener and awakener - alongside amnesia suggestions, a desire to return, and favorable conditioning for trusted hypnotic partners to replicate the result. Free! Click "read more" for the full description!


This file uses the Connections induction, then a deepener made for this file, and ends with a simple awakener.

The hands free orgasm concept is common enough. This is a more incremental approach - instead of building up to one command to cum, there are many, while contemplating the idea you may not be ready to cum, or may already have cum. Underlying is the idea that my vivid descriptions will turn you on even if you've cum, and possibly tease you more, while using the euphoria and peaceful drifting of the post-orgasm state to solidify a suggestion to let other people who you trust and who hypnotize you from that state of trust - also trigger this state of cumming and clenching and arching and needing and so on. Draws on sense memory of prior orgasm, fantasies in general, and a kind of fracturing-of-the-mind-temporarily metaphor. Light amnesia suggestion at the end. Enjoy.

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Such a good file and very well written, I can't remember too much but I look forward to the next listen!

It's been about an hour now. The Smiths play in the other room like the song that plays after a concert when the houselights turn back on.
It feels like I orgasmed maybe three to four times. My hips are sore, but the good kind of sore that comes with having your brains fucked out. I feel sated, which is rare for my usual level of libido.
Overflowing is the result of rolling a natural 20 on Perform(Oratory). It is crippling in its ability to subdue, comfort and arousal. Intimacy and pleasure are so closely tethered and Elena taps into that in a big way with this one. Really though, the comparison to dice roll was flawed. It's effectiveness isn't the result of luck. Elena is very very good at what she does and this is clearly the result of craft coming to a higher level. The language flows, her voice is warm and inviting, and the synthesia invoked is masterful.
Overflowing feels like a loveletter to erotic hypnosis, remixed through the voice of Elena into something more than the sum of its parts. Hints of other formidable works seem sprinkled throughout, possibly to stir up memories. The confidant drive in Elena's tone just tears through them unflinching, standing her ground as focus and auditory totem.

Massive orgasms aside, there was a great moment where she was able to control my usual habit of anticipating words and sensation that was just perfect. Its around where she mentions that you don't have to try to remember what you're hearing--- that you can just let your memory blur. It was just a probably obvious technique that I've never really tried before. Looking forward to equipping this mentality during other files.

So I've probably said way to much, but there's just a lot to say about this one. It's amazing. Easily my new favorite and will be sharing rotation with the Redone Butt Bunny Bondage.

So i listhened this recording 3 times. 2 times i fell asleep and 1 time reached almost to cumming point but thats it. Maybe because I'm beginner in such things. Eny advice ? I wanna try this no hands experience.