Nipple Play

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This file inspires a deep and addictive need to play with one's own nipples and breasts. The nipple area becomes the seat of all sexual pleasure, and this file encourages the listener to play with their breasts as the start of all sexual focus.

During the file, the nipples will feel intensely sensitive and the listener will be encouraged to play with them. Playing with nipples will induce a sense of submission to any dominant person in the area and will make you feel the need to listen to this file again.
The nipples will become the seat of all sexual pleasure and drive you to play with them more and more frequently. This file causes fantasization about nipple play.

Do not listen to this file unless you enjoy complete submission, fascination with your own nipples, and being addicted to the sensations obtained herein.

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This has literally changed my life overnight.

Hi, I'm a 67 year old male in good health. I have listened to many different hypnosis files, and I really like yours. I have pretty well trained with the "Night Night" file and the trigger works really good.
I've been listening to the "Nipple Play" file many times, but not necessarily more than once/day, or days in a row. My question is, have you had reports of this file really working for people? If so, how many listens, and how often should the listens be in order for it to work. After I listen, and play with my nipples, I just get a little partial erection, but that's about all.
One other thing. Do you have a list of files which uses the "night night" trigger to put you into trance? That trigger works good for me.

Mistress Elena's suggestions continuously increasing the sensitivity and sensations.