Milking the Stud

This file comes after Prized Stud, the attendant takes you from your private room, obtains one of the hypnotized cowgirls from The Farm, and uses her to mate you for a breeding program. The triggers from Prized Stud are used and the listener is walked through masturbation and a series of massive orgasms accompanied by the encouragement of the attendant. Enjoy some liberating relaxation with your favorite cowgirl. For fun, partner up with your lover, have her listen to Got Milk and The Farm, both of you trigger the other until you simply need to cum.

This is a re-done version of the original file - longer and more detailed with additional content, made to better fit the new themes added in the re-done Prized Stud Triggers and to be in parallel to Stud Call.

Be milked dry until your balls are empty and your satisfied cock slowly relaxes, then you're taken back to your room until next time, with an urge to return.

- File Length: 20 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. These files