Live Session 1 - Pleasure Sadism

  • With a subject's permission, I recorded my dominant side of a live session.
  • A glimpse into my style when it isn't scripted.
  • The topics include fractionation, pleasure to the point of mental blankness, collars, and pey play.
  • This file has me speaking to the submissive listener, training a blank and waiting mind.
  • Taking the listener very deep then training them to simply be lost in the pleasure of my voice humming through.
  • Similar themes to Obsession and Tremble.
  • A bit more rapidfire, impromptu, and improvised than my usual scripted pieces
  • I was just recording with the mic oddly positioned and skype running, so sound gets louder and quieter a lot. Did what I could.
  • If you like it, remember that live sessions are one of the possible Patreon rewards.

File Duration: 31:20 - 49.3MB

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