Kaithrit Gene Morph

  • Sci-fi body alteration - transformation into a curvy lithe male cat-morph.
  • Great for those who are fans of the Cat On The Farm series - similar body shape is described.
  • Visitor is subjected to a body modification treatment which uses nanomachines to pleasurably alter them into a narrow-waisted diminuitive cat-like humanoid.
  • Cat ears, sharp incisors, small frame and body, twin tails.
  • Once the sensitive, mind-pleasuring form is established, the Xenogen facility tests the subject's "sexual response" with a simple lubricated vibrating sheath for their newly reduced penis.
  • Long, detailed transformation theme.

- File Length: 33:25 - 34MB

Playlist order:

  1. Tavros Station Induction (included in this download)
  2. This file