A Forewarned Word - Submit

Sometimes I drop the trappings of trance and discuss something a bit more insidious.

Your mind's own tendency to obsessively turn over clever turns of phrase or tempting imagery. You'll hold on to it, all I have to do is give it to you.

I will speak of how tightly your mind holds on to concepts presented alluringly and arousingly.

If my voice arouses, then an explanation of my personal philosophy of submission should stick in your mind quite nicely.

True submission, its purpose, its use, and its continuous self-reinforcing nature.

Later instalments in the series will get increasingly tempting and provocative until the most intense ending brings it all together.

But this is where it begins.

Consider using the A Warning About Words induction, deepener, and awakener alongside this file as they were made to forewarn you.

- File Length: 8 Minutes