Edging Regimen 3 - Regular

This is an experimental Edging Regimen track. This is the only one that came out the way I wanted it. Ideally there will be a level 1 "occasional" and a level 2 "weekly" kind of level. Regular Edging means 3 times a day, 5 times if you have an unusually high amount of time off. I'll get those out, for now enjoy this survivor of the creative process.

But edging focuses the mind and gets you in the mood for progress. Many people use the delayed gratification of edging as encouragement to get motivated and on track. Try this on its own then develop your own edging regimen. If you want a little help reminding yourself and keeping the energy up, try the Edging - Five Strokes and Encouragement pack.

- A short instruction piece, so you can see what you're in for with the full version.

Length: 8 Minutes