Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced

This file is a "test" of the things established in the Darkside Latex Succubus file. It serves as reinforcement for that file's message, and also provides a fun loopable piece of latex succubus material to go with the many files found in the Dual Latex Succubus Pack. A succubus of consuming desire, planted in the listener's mind, constantly pushing them toward wearing rubber, rubber addiction, and desire for ruined orgasm unless being directed to cum by a partner or pre-established trigger. A file to tease from your mind and work in tandem with the Darkside Latex Succubus to give your symbiotic mental fetishes new life. This is the advanced expansion on the basic concept and fits in with the constellation of other Latex Succubus files. Wearing rubber during your listen is encouraged by all of the files in this set.

This is an expansion on the existing Darkside Succubus File from the Dual Latex Succubus Pack. The idea is this succubus is a tempting mental presence, arousing and driving the listener into rubber addiction. The listener awakens and is put through their paces by a scientist implanting the succubus in their mind, testing how deep their addiction to the dark succubus' control has gone. The answer is "further by the time you're finished." Ends with the night night trigger and is loopable. The whole theme is tied up in wearing rubber whenever able, including to bed and under your clothes when safe to do so. Any amount of rubber is enough, and for the latex fetishists among you there is a very good Latex Bath Induction made to go with this file.

This file is loopable with the Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced file, or with itself - it ends with the night night trigger, just like the induction does. Use it with the Latex Succubus Deepener if you like. This file is the sexual temptation side, the Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced is more self-help focused.

This file is also available in the Latex Succubus Complete Advanced Pack - along with exclusive re-recorded versions of the various Latex Succubus files, a special deepener, and the re-done version of Bondage Triggers.

- File Length: 23 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Latex Bath Induction Advanced
  2. These files