Custom File Changes

So, every time I open custom files I end up with like 30 requests.

This isn't a huge problem but it does keep me from advancing my own projects as I scramble to get everyone their due in time, and it can be pushed back more easily the more requests I let in.

There will be only a limited number of commission slots this time and when it gets tough to handle I will shut it down for the month. I am not giving a set date it is open to. It might all fill up the first day and then I will close it. It was unrealistic for me to simply leave an open window. I will limit myself to the achieveable.

Also, you can only hire up to 60 minutes of files in a one month period on the same request. You can hire on multiple different concepts, I am not going to allow one person to hire 600 minutes of succubus harem in the same month, Though that request is turning out nicely. Because then everyone else is unhappy or you are unhappy, as I can't possibly map out and create that entire request in a reasonably short timeframe without neglgecting something elsewhere This means you may need to construct longer requests over multiple months, but a side effect of capping requests like this is that I have more time to pretty up the site, fix things with the CoC catalog, pursue my own ideas, and streamline my process which may let me open more slots in future once all is said and done.

Custom requests will open in 4 days on the 15th. If you want to hire a custom, email me about it now so we can clear the idea and map out the time, then you can just jump in and pay for the custom work with my pre-approval and our understanding of what will be made.

It can still take up to 6 weeks for file delivery, but I'm trying to keep the volume to where I can get it all done by the 15th of March. Then I can open custom requests again on that day.