Canine Peppers

  • Spicy peppers with transformative properties.
  • Grown on the Lakeside Farm
  • Dog ears, tail, paws, muzzle, fur, transformative..
  • Eat too many and mental effects will follow - heat, desires, simplification of thought.
  • Present from Whitney for helping out on the Farm. Rude not to try at least one.
  • Files are modular - start with the Pack of Peppers Intro file on your playlist.
  • Then put any files you want to try, one, or all of them.
  • Files are open ended and loopable.

Pepper Pack

  • Contains various files
  • 4 minute intro.
  • 2+ minute component files for different parts.
  • The intro file from this pack is used as the start of the playlist with all Canine Pepper files.
  • Listener first finds a basket of peppers at camp.
  • Consumes some to explore transformative fun.

- 15 MB
Playlist Order:

  1. Pepper Pack Intro
  2. Any number of other component files from this pack