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Close Encounters - Queen

  • Sci-fi theme. The first piece set in the Trials in Tainted Space universe. I am producing TiTS content with Fenoxo's permission.
  • Detailed fantasy of being at the mercy of powerful aliens on a distant world.
  • Erotic. For listeners who have a penis.
  • Hands-free orgasm theme with cum extraction by an alien queen and her servants as the fetish focus.
  • This pack includes an "Orgasm Encouragement" file. It is 2 minutes of description which fits what the Queen is doing at the end of the file.
  • For those who feel the "hands free" descriptive part of HFO files isn't long enough, loop the encouragement file until you arrive at your destination.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe some arousal.

- File Length: 32:04 - 36MB

Playlist order:

  1. The included "Tavros Station Induction"
  2. The included "Storage Room Deepener"
  3. This file
  4. As many instances of the "Queen Orgasm Encouragement" file as you think it'll take


  • A simple description of a soothing massage.
  • Good for basic trance stimulation and training.
  • Non-erotic, just relaxing.
  • Drawn from content that was used in the last Vampire Fantasy file, but just the massage bit.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps more relaxed when all is said and done.

- File Length: 15:08 - 14MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file
  3. Any Awakener (?)

Hot Wiring

  • A simple piece useful for practicing trance sensation.
  • The concept that stimulating one erogenous zone will cause them all to react at once.
  • Stimulation and masturbation become a linked full body experience, unique to the areas that make you personally more aroused.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps more efficient and stimulating self-pleasure in future.

- File Length: 10:31 - 10MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file
  3. Any Awakener (?)

Trigger Phrases and Deepener

  • Contains the re-done Skillset Deepener - a file to help people relax and get basic trance concepts into their minds.
  • Contains an assortment of trigger phrases for various files.
  • These files are add ons for: Butt Bunny Bondage, Night Night Re-Done, and Brain Drain
  • Lingering effects? See the referenced files for trigger descriptions.

- File Length: 53MB Total

Playlist order:

  1. Any of these files can be listened to on their own, or looped.

Submissive Feminine Form

  • A file about feeling comfortably feminine in certain specific ways, while also submitting to dominant trusted presences.
  • Transformation themes, general submissive behaviour, relaxation and comfort with submission.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps feelings of a specific kind of graceful curvy femininity unique to and for you, submission to trusted authority.

- File Length: 11:03 - 8MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file
  3. Any Awakener (?)

Open Mind

  • A piece about trusting in the material you are listening to, and letting it flow into a waiting mind.
  • Deepener, goes between induction and body files. Aimed at files where you will be listening to them repeatedly over time.
  • Relaxing and reassuring, encourages the understanding that if you trust the content, you can relax more.
  • Encourages associating a specific place and time where you relax deeply, with returning to sleep in the future.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps an easier time relaxing in future, when you listen to similar files in similar circumstances.

- File Length: 13:34 - 12MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any induction
  2. This file, as a deepener.
  3. Any body file according to its instructions

The Simplest Induction

  • A very short induction, useful for beginners building familiarity with the material.
  • Goes at the start of any playlist.
  • Trust in the voice and the material will help a listener to go under any time they set aside the time.
  • Listening to files while in the same relaxing surroundings each time, will build familiarity when possible.
  • Lingering effects? Awareness of how easy it is to relax and just listen to the scenario presented..

- File Length: 4:14 - 4MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file as an induction
  2. Any body file according to its playlist order

Succubus Course - Leather

  • The listener, relaxing at the Tel'Adre spa, asks its resident shapeshifter for a special treatment.
  • For listeners with penises.
  • Leather fetish theme.
  • Succubus form partner uses long arousing eye-based fixation, pheremones, bondage.
  • Orgasm delay, very detailed.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps enjoying leather a little more, aesthetically.

- File Length: 31:00 - 26MB

Playlist order:

  1. Spa Intro
  2. This file

Related Corruption of Champions Files

Mind Cage Mantra

  • Dominant, assertive piece about generally submitting more completely to meditative pieces like this one.
  • Fast paced, consists of instructions.
  • About setting aside a specific place to go under and enjoy trance - allowing the subconscious mind to handle functions when safe to do so.
  • The concept of associating a given place, article of clothing, accessory, or sexual situation with the subconscious takeover, is encouraged
  • Enjoyable with or without an induction.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps amnesia as to the contents and a submission to subconscious desires when you utilize your safety trigger to say it is okay.

- File Length: 20:17 - 16MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file, on its own.

Aspect - Doe

  • Piece uses image of a female deer as focus for mindset - docile, heightened senses, serene graceful perception of self.
  • Not a transformation anthro piece per se, but some elements.
  • File for listeners wanting to explore submission, sensitivity, serenity.
  • Get something like a necklace or other article of jewelry, and have it nearby or on you when you begin to listen.
  • Minor changes only, might be inclined to be submissive toward people you trust.
  • State triggered by wearing the token in question. Good for switches who sometimes want to flick to the more submissive side.
  • Not explicitly erotic, but suggestion of submitting to trusted partner while remaining docile and serenely still.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps an appreciation for the grace of your own body, but nothing once the token is off and the play is done.

- File Length: 53:27 (3 files) - 49MB

Playlist order:

  1. Aspect Induction (included)
  2. Doe Aspect - Token
  3. Aspect Awakener (included)

Warm Together

  • Made to be listened to alongside a partner.
  • Non-erotic. Hold hands with your lover or cuddle partner and get comfy.
  • Bundle up, cuddle with your partner, and both listen at the same time..
  • United, two bodies can regulate their temperature better than one alone.
  • Lingering effects? Perhaps snuggling very close to your partner and not wanting to let go.

- File Length: 13:08 - 12MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file, looped as much as you please.

Canine Peppers - Run Free

  • Spicy peppers with transformative properties.
  • Listener gives in to temptation and eats quite a few
  • Full transformation implied, listen to the other part transformatives when able
  • Mental effects follow.
  • Relaxing run under the moon when the transformation is done.
  • Doggy instincts, desires. One of the "bad end" files, but really quite soothing.

- 35:20 - 33 MB
Playlist Order:

  1. Pepper Pack Intro
  2. This file

Related Corruption of Champions Files


  • Relaxation when the world is a bit hectic.
  • Soothing and sedate pace.
  • Take your time and make space in your mind for self-care.
  • Before listening, think about the kind of thing you do to relax and feel safe - this can be an anchor for a later return.
  • Sometimes it is a good idea to shut out your senses and just think things through.
  • Provide pleasant stimulus for yourself in a private space free of interruptions.
  • Free public release. Download and enjoy.

- File Length: 22:21 - 20MB

Playlist order: Any induction -> this file.

Podcast 6 - Tease and Denial

I answer many listener questions, talk about why I find tease/denial/chastity/edging appealing, tease upcoming content (ha!), do a brief talk about inductions I like, and mention some arousing imagery. Nothing too unique, but I'm feeling more comfortable with these and will begin including readings of upcoming stories, as work slows.

Elven Unwrapping - Vagina Version

  • Sensual holiday encounter with a willing and submissive companion.
  • Guess you've been nice this year, a mysterious visitor comes with a present.
  • Short elven woman with curvy hips and small breasts.
  • Asked to decide between a mystery box, or her, the choice is obvious.
  • This is the version for listeners who have a vagina. There is a penis-centric version too.
  • Gender neutral on pronouns. Difference between the two files is only where the elf focuses on pleasuring the listener.
  • Ends with a possible opening for sequels.
  • Free public file. Like it? Consider the Patreon.
  • The notes I wrote when recording the file are included.

Playlist Order: Any Induction -> This File

- 36:36 - 33 MB

Elven Unwrapping - Penis Version

  • Sensual holiday encounter with a willing and submissive companion.
  • Guess you've been nice this year, a mysterious visitor comes with a present.
  • Short elven woman with curvy hips and small breasts.
  • Asked to decide between a mystery box, or her, the choice is obvious.
  • This is the version for listeners who have a penis. There is a vagina-centric version too.
  • Gender neutral on pronouns. Difference between the two files is only where the elf focuses on pleasuring the listener.
  • Ends with a possible opening for sequels.
  • Free public file. Like it? Consider the Patreon.
  • The notes I wrote when recording the file are included.

Playlist Order: Any Induction -> This File

- 37:43 - 34 MB

Vampire Fantasy - Part 1

  • An Inn in a quaint and misty town.
  • Alluring nocturnal visitor.
  • Haunted and aroused by her eyes.
  • A story driven and relaxing experience for all listeners.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe some arousal come the end.
  • Continued in Part 2.

- File Length: 20:16 - 18.5MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Podcast 5 - Triggers

I talk about triggers, the general concept of conditioning, and mention some upcoming work. I also created a number of simple trigger phrase files you can splice and listen to in any order, for those who want more accessible and mixable triggers.

Trigger Pack

Also, CORRECTION, the link to Patreon is not the erroneous one I stated, duh, my bad.

Podcast 4 - Enthusiasm AKA "The Podcast I Recorded From A Closet

I talk about what first got me into hypnosis, what has been up with me lately, summer plans, and the general trend of things to come. Includes a brief trance portion and a description of some consulting work I did with another hypnotist. Remember send all questions to with the subject line "Podcast".

Gently Bitten Hypnosis - Chewtoy's website, containing smut and files written by Chewtoy. Check out his Femdom Collaborations with Lady Irkalia
Aurelia Alder's Hypnosis
Labyrinth, a file where I was consulted during the creation

Frog - Oral Dose

  • Free public file. The first file at the Spa involving the Frog morph.
  • Curvaceous and laid back frog-woman from the distant swamps visiting Tel'Adre.
  • Latches skilled mouth and tongue on to listener.
  • Applies mind-expanding frog venom.
  • Cuddling and relaxation, open-ended.

Playlist Order: Tel'Adre Induction -> This File

- 30:00 - 34 MB

All files involving the Frog Morph can always be found on her spa page.

Podcast 3 - Writing

A podcast about my writing habits. I actually stop, write a file live, and then record it. It is below. I also ad libbed a file of about equal length on the same topic. Both are anal masturbation themed. One for listeners with penises, one for listeners with vaginas. I mention programs I use to do my writing, and my current methods. No questions yet. Remember send all questions to with the subject line "Podcast".

File I ad libbed - Anal Masturbation Instructions
File I wrote live -Prostate Massage - Instructions

Podcast 2 - Fractionation

This entire podcast is one big fractionation induction. They won't all be like this but this one made it work very well. I also give a sample of the upcoming file "You Can Forget That", and some information on how I think about inductions.

A reading from an erotic story I'm working on is also included. Lastly, I detail minor changes to the Patreon and the upcoming Live Session Chronicles. I'll get something more resembling a standard podcast format next month.

Podcast 1 - Beginning

I give a simple erotic talk near the end for a few minutes and talk about putting myself out there. Eight years ago when I began making erotica, I never dreamt I'd meet with such a warm reception. Thanks, everyone.

On Task

  • Deepening file mixed with submissive themes.
  • Defines every success in relaxation as a task performed for me.
  • "Good pet" themes and themes of rewarding oneself for successes.
  • Idea that each time one relaxes they learn the intricacies of relaxing in better and more efficient ways.
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 28:49 - 26.3MB

Click the title for more information.

Playlist order: Any induction, then this body file

Dreaming Induction

  • For those who like to listen to files right before bed.
  • A reminder that thoughts carried across the boundary into dream can effect one there..
  • Goes great with dream-themed files.
  • Induction - so follow it up with the body file of your choice
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 10:59 - 10MB

Click the title for more information.

Playlist order: This induction, then any body file as per its instructions.

Canine Peppers

  • Spicy peppers with transformative properties.
  • Grown on the Lakeside Farm
  • Dog ears, tail, paws, muzzle, fur, transformative..
  • Eat too many and mental effects will follow..
  • Present from Whitney for helping out on the Farm. Rude not to try at least one.
  • Files are modular - start with the Pack of Peppers file on your playlist.
  • Then put any files you want to try, one, or all of them.
  • Files are open ended and loopable.

Pepper Pack contains various files, 4 minute intro, 2+ minute component files.
- 15 MB
Playlist Order:

  1. Pepper Pack Intro (included)
  2. Any number of other component files from this pack

Chills to Thrills

  • Seasonal piece for Halloween.
  • Simple trigger - when you feel chills or the sense of being watched.
  • We all get creeped out sometimes, why not tie it to arousal?
  • File encourages maybe watching a scary movie or visiting a haunted house.
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 20:36 - 18.8MB

Click the title for more information.

Cat On The Farm Series


This is part of the Cat In Trouble series.

These files are about a mischievous figure - with cat ears, tail, and attitude - visiting the Lakeside Farm and meeting some of its cowgirls.

The characters in these files are not taken from the game, but are my own creations. You may be familiar with them from the Cowgirl Wrangling series.

Aurora - The eldest cowgirl on the farm. Blonde, heavily tanned, with nipples fully five inches long and huge areolae, incredibly sensitive. She is laid back and lustful, inclined to a nap and a necking session over work and milking. But she is also the biggest milk producer and most physically adept of them. She might be amenable to a lazy day or an indecent proposition.

Tara - Generous curves and a cute brown pixie cut, massive breasts with short inverted nipples. Pink skin inclined to flush, brown ears the same color as her hair, and a playful attitude in general. She is earnest and easygoing, but honest to a fault. She is embarrassed easily.

Prior to listening to any of these files, make sure you have listened to the Catboy In Trouble Primer at least once.

You can also click here to view a list of links to all of the cat in trouble encounters.


This cute redhead used to work on the farm until an occupational incident cemented her cowgirl transformation. She is hard-working and very strong, but her breasts are small for cowgirls- barely a d-cup so far, and this puts her at the bottom of the cowgirl pecking order. She still produces plenty of milk though, and isn't against bending the rules to have some fun.

Milk By Moonlight - The first file in this series. The listener, in the role of our horny protagonist, finds himself able to infiltrate the Lakeside Farm and observe the beautiful women with cow ears, tails, and massive breasts - in their natural habitat. Hiding in a loft above the bathhouse on the farm, he hopes to go undiscovered as he satiates his lusts. But how long can he hope to go undiscovered, and what will happen when he is found?

Long and very detailed, the farm description from this file will lead into future files in the series which take place here. No induction needed, there is a long descriptive portion at the beginning and you will have listened to the Primer at least once. This file centers on the cute redhead, Marie.

- File Length:49 Minutes


Also known as Nicki - She used to live in the forest, some variety of elf or pixie originally. Pointed ears, raven hair, perfect skin. She took a liking to cowgirl transformatives, and as a result ended up with large milky breasts. She has four small nipples to each areola instead of one big one, and a serious, almost aloof attitude. She is not inclined to clown around and is embarassed by her real name.

Shivers - With winter approaching, Nicki takes the listener into the woods to pick uncorrupted plants that can be grown on the farm before the frost claims them. There is something a little different about her, and the cat has been inattentive to this. That might be a costly mistake - once more he ends up pinned and subjected to the wiles of a confident woman, with verdant assistance.

- File Length: 34 Minutes - 31.6MB

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Helia (Spa)

  • Helia the Salamander was persuaded to visit the city from her home on the Plains.
  • Tall, muscled, enthusiastic and brash.
  • Long prehensile tail, sultry proportions, red ponytail and skimpy bikini.
  • An honest and energetic lover whose hot body temperature can ease the stress from her partners.

Click on the title to view the encounters involving Helia at the Spa.


  • A file for those who want to open up their triggers and training to their partners.
  • Loopable, so go ahead and put it on repeat if you want.
  • Stresses how safely language in files is for your protection.
  • But of course your partner knows your situation and likes and dislikes better than me.
  • So if your partner uses a trigger or hypnotic instruction, treat it the same as if it were being said in a file from this site.
  • Good for literal-minded people who want to share triggers with their partners.

- File Length: 11:30 - 10.6MB

Click the title for more information.